Sarah Wratten • Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist, Consultant and Aquatic Therapy Association for Chartered Physiotherapists (ATACP)  Accredited Tutor in Aquatic Therapy.

Consultancy on pool design and management

Sarah has been involved in the design of several hydrotherapy pools at varying stages of build, examples include;

  • 2018 hydrotherapy pool policy formation and health & safety guidance UCLH
  • 2018 provided training sessions for staff at Sussex Healthcare on hydrotherapy pool management and H&S
  • 2017 ongoing consultancy for The Pinder Trust for the provision of a hydrotherapy pool within a new leisure centre complex in association with Winchester County Council.
  • 2016 mid build pool design advice re health and safety, risk assessment and policy formation Spire St Anthony's Hospital. 
  • 2014 provided policy and procedure guidelines, infection control and health safety assessments on the Endeavour Centre hydrotherapy pool at HMS Drake. 
  • 2013-2017 Sarah has consulted on the architectural design and management of a hydrotherapy and swimming pool complex for the new rehabilitation centre for the Ministry of Defence DMRC Stanford Hall.
  • 2008  consulted on the health and safety post build of the Chelsea football training ground hydrotherapy pool.

Sarah sits on both the Aquatic Therapy Association for Chartered Physiotherapist (ATACP) and Pool Water Treatment Advisory Group (PWTAG) committees. She has been involved with the production of the guidelines on Hydrotherapy Pool Design (ATACP) and co-authored the Hydrotherapy Pools chapter in the new edition of Swimming Pool Water  (PWTAG 2017).  If you are planning to build a hydrotherapy pool Sarah can offer the following services to prevent common mistakes made when designing new hydrotherapy pools:

  • Appropriate pool design for the user group including for example size, depth, steps/gradient/moveable floors, rails, materials, changing facility requirements.
  • Disability access
  • Health and safety assessments including emergency access and evacuation drills
  • Risk assessments
  • Pool maintenance requirements including water quality,  microbiology testing and cleaning requirements
  • Mandatory staff training

If you have just taken upon a new role of managing an existing hydrotherapy pool Sarah can assist you in understanding the legislation and guidelines related to its safe and effective running, including cost effective ways to keep it running.  


For any more information please contact Sarah