Sarah Wratten • Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist, Consultant and Aquatic Therapy Association for Chartered Physiotherapists (ATACP) Accredited Tutor in Aquatic Therapy.

“Really useful having the help. Thank you so much!

2018 - Physiotherapists who organised consultancy on Pool Operation and Health & Safety at UCLH

“Very enjoyable course which I learnt lots of new skills from a fun, knowledgeable, and adaptable tutor

2018 - Physiotherapist attending an Intermediate Course at Southampton Perform

“Can't believe I haven't done this course sooner I feel much more confident in treating patients and more specific

2017 - Physiotherapist attending a Foundation course at Ysbyty Ystrad Fawr

“It was a brilliant course and I can't wait to get back to work to use Ai Chi

2017 - Physiotherapist attending an Ai Chi course at Frimley Park Hospital

“Very professional, very organised and happy to discuss relevant issues specific to our department"

2016 - The Police Treatment Centre Flint House Physiotherapist

“Sarah is an excellent tutor very relaxed. She gives confidence and makes the perfect environment for learning. The sessions are well delivered and dynamic. Very enjoyable”

2016 - from a physiotherapist attending an Intermediate course in Bristol

“A very good aquatic therapy tutor who knew her material well”

2014 - Helen Whitelock (retired honoured Aquatic Physiotherapist who tutored the Bath Hydrotherapy course) after peer reviewing one of Sarah’s Foundation Aquatic Therapy courses.

“I would like to thank Sarah for all her assistance which has been incredibly helpful”

2014 -  from a physiotherapist involved in the design of a new build hydrotherapy pool in Winchester. 

“Very appropriately pitched”, “friendly learning environment” and “adaptable and approachable tutor”

MOD Physiotherapist - 2014

“Enjoyed the course and feel confident to formulate treatment plans for patients, many thanks you were a great tutor”

Physiotherapist 2014

“Extremely well run course very informative, practical based, functional and fun. Well taught with theory applied to practice in an easy to understand format”

Physiotherapist 2013

“Really got me thinking” and “overall the course has given me more confidence in hydro and far more tools to use”

Private Physiotherapist - 2012

“Excellent course with a good mix of theory and practical made appropriate to the patients seen here (CFC)”

Physiotherapist Chelsea Football Club - 2008